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Mountain hikes
and organized stays

For a half-day of nature discovery, for an immersion trek in the mountains or for a hiking stay over a weekend, discover all the possibilities of our program.

Description of difficulty levels

The difference in altitude (D+) indicates the difference in altitude in meters that we will cover during the day. It is not enough to calculate the difference between the altitude of arrival and departure, but also all the small climbs and descents of the course. For your information, the yellow panels encountered along the paths generally have an average time of 1 hour for approximately 350m of elevation. But the progress obviously depends a lot on the steepness of the trail.


The technical level is the difficulty in progressing on the route. Remember that during a long hike with a lot of elevation, fatigue can make us all less skilful and what usually seems easy to us is less so at the end of the day. In any case, the Mountain Leader will be there to help you when you need it and ensure your safety if necessary.


  • Very easy: It's more of a walk than a hike. We will always walk on comfortable routes with many breaks. It is a nature discovery outing where we will be attentive to all aspects of the mountain environment to learn more about the fauna, flora, geology, ... and better understand the scenery of our next hikes.

  • Easy: The hike starts here. We will stay on easily practicable trails that do not require mountain experience and the slopes remain fairly gentle.

  • Medium: We begin to take routes that demand attention. Trails can be muddy and slippery or with rolling stones. They may have steep portions. Some hikes will be on routes that may impress people not accustomed to the proximity of the void.

  • Difficult: These hikes may include short passages where you will need help with your hands. We will sometimes evolve off the trails or on routes close to the void.

  • Very difficult: The technical level is the same as the previous level but the difficulties are present regularly throughout the course.

Hiking equipment


Standard for every outing, even in good weather


  • Waterproof and breathable clothing (Gore-tex jacket type)

  • Warm layer: fleece and/or light down jacket depending on the temperature

  • Notched, low or high hiking shoes depending on your habits

  • Sun protection: hat/cap, sunglasses, sunscreen

  • Water bottle, 1.5l. at least

  • Picnic and possibly snacks along the way

  • Binoculars, if you have them, to enjoy mountain wildlife from a distance

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