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Mountain hikes
nature outings
and organized stays

For a half-day of nature discovery, for an immersion trek in the mountains or for a hiking stay over a weekend, discover all the possibilities of our program.


Easy half-day or full-day outings to discover nature and to better understand the mountain flora and fauna.

Repas montagnard en cabane de berger

Spend the night in a cabin!


Winter, in Chamrousse

For a small group fondue, a tasting of local products around the campfire or to observe the stars, spend the evening in a cabin!

Evening, from:


Accenteur alpin, oiseau de montagne

Birdwatching day, spot the mountain birds


From mid-February, around Grenoble

Go on a privatized outing to look for the region's emblematic species. Program to be defined according to your wishes.

From :


Apprendre à lire une carte IGN

Start orienteering in the mountains


All year round, in the Vercors

To learn to read and use an IGN map. Know how to plan a hike or a trek without GPS, choose the best route.



Stage plantes comestibles de montagne

Edible and useful mountain plants


Tuesday mornings in Chamrousse

Recognize the different families, avoid confusion with toxic species, learn some easy recipes.

Half day


Randonnée dans la cembraie de Chamrousse

Hide and seek with the
spotted nutcracker


All year round in Chamrousse

The spotted nutcracker knows the forest by heart, normal, he is the one who planted it! We go in search of the clues left by his particular way of life.

Half day


Apprendre les chants d'oiseaux pour les reconnaître

Learn bird songs


From mid-February, around Grenoble

Learn to distinguish the different bird songs and recognize the species that surround us.

Half day



Top level aperitif, hike and taste !


Thursdays, late afternoon, in Chamrousse

After a short panoramic walk, we will spend a friendly moment tasting local cheeses, charcuterie, wines or beers.





Reach the summit of your choice, train for your special goal and get more skills. The guide is here to help you to push back your limits in total safety !

Sentier sur le tracé de l'Echappée Belle

On the trail of the Echappée Belle


Wednesday mornings in Chamrousse

Test yourself on the Chamrousse single tracks of the legendary Belledonne trail.

Half day



Hikes on demand
and specific needs


All year round, around Grenoble

Reach your goal, learn new things, push your limits safely!

From :


Complexe ophiolitique de Chamrousse

20 million under the sea, geological hike


In summer, in Chamrousse

By going to the most remarkable sites we will travel 500 million years of history to understand how the landscape was formed and its influence on humans and flora.



Randonnée accompagnée autour de Grenoble

The shepherds' path, jewels of Belledonne


In summer, transfer (45min) from Chamrousse

A beautiful excursion far from the crowds which goes through preserved mountain pastures to reach a summit with a breathtaking view.





Forget everyday life and embark on a micro-adventure in the mountains, visit a massif off the beaten track or immerse yourself for a few days of fun hiking in the sun.

DSC00288 (2).jpg

Belledonne Lakes and Summits' Trek


Summer 2022, from Chamrousse

Multi-days hike in pristine Belledonne mountain range. From enchanted streams to rocky peaks.

4 days / 3 nights


Scandinavie 2016 (1305).jpg

Northern lights and whales in Norway


November 2022

The colors of the sunset drag on for hours. Killer whales and sperm whales come along the coast and the northern lights caress the snowy peaks during the night.

7 days / 6 nights

- - - €

Info to come
Séjour rando en groupe

The peaks are yours!
Varied hiking stay


2022 dates to be defined, in Chamrousse

A week of progressive hiking to discover Belledonne from Chamrousse and achieve a nice weekend goal.

4 or 6 day packages

160 / 240€

Stage photo près de Grenoble, en Isère

Photo-rando course: stars and mountains


Dates 2022 and places to be defined

An immersive course to learn how to take night photos, their post-processing and look for mountain fauna.

3 days / 2 nights


Séjour rando en bord de mer

Hiking weekend by the sea


Long weekends in May 2022

Star stay to discover the paths of the Calanques, Esterel, Giens and green Provence.

4 days / 3 nights

- - - €

Info to come

Tunturi and taiga, discovered in Finnish Lapland


Fall 2022

The magical atmosphere of autumn in the heart of the boreal forest. Experience nature to the rhythm of Finnish traditions, against the backdrop of the first aurora borealis of the season!

6 days / 5 nights

- - - €

Info to come
Activité en famille à Chamrousse

Curious mountain !
Family discovery


2022 dates to be defined, in Chamrousse

Half-days to discover nature, and alternate with relaxing family activities in Chamrousse.

5 half-days, 1 day, 1 evening

160 €

Description of difficulty levels

The difference in altitude (D+) indicates the difference in altitude in meters that we will cover during the day. It is not enough to calculate the difference between the altitude of arrival and departure, but also all the small climbs and descents of the course. For your information, the yellow panels encountered along the paths generally have an average time of 1 hour for approximately 350m of elevation. But the progress obviously depends a lot on the steepness of the trail.


The technical level is the difficulty in progressing on the route. Remember that during a long hike with a lot of elevation, fatigue can make us all less skilful and what usually seems easy to us is less so at the end of the day. In any case, the Mountain Leader will be there to help you when you need it and ensure your safety if necessary.


  • Very easy: It's more of a walk than a hike. We will always walk on comfortable routes with many breaks. It is a nature discovery outing where we will be attentive to all aspects of the mountain environment to learn more about the fauna, flora, geology, ... and better understand the scenery of our next hikes.

  • Easy: The hike starts here. We will stay on easily practicable trails that do not require mountain experience and the slopes remain fairly gentle.

  • Medium: We begin to take routes that demand attention. Trails can be muddy and slippery or with rolling stones. They may have steep portions. Some hikes will be on routes that may impress people not accustomed to the proximity of the void.

  • Difficult: These hikes may include short passages where you will need help with your hands. We will sometimes evolve off the trails or on routes close to the void.

  • Very difficult: The technical level is the same as the previous level but the difficulties are present regularly throughout the course.

Hiking equipment


Standard for every outing, even in good weather


  • Waterproof and breathable clothing (Gore-tex jacket type)

  • Warm layer: fleece and/or light down jacket depending on the temperature

  • Notched, low or high hiking shoes depending on your habits

  • Sun protection: hat/cap, sunglasses, sunscreen

  • Water bottle, 1.5l. at least

  • Picnic and possibly snacks along the way

  • Binoculars, if you have them, to enjoy mountain wildlife from a distance

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